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Why you should delete your Facebook account

February 14, 2014

Facebook still gets a lot of press these days, and it supposedly has more than a billion users. But I’ve pretty much given up on it for business and personal use. Over the last couple of years I’ve found that Facebook just wasn’t worth the effort and time that I was putting into it....
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The soul-destroying pestilence of social media buttons

December 23, 2013

There’s a terrible plague happening on the Web today. Social media buttons are blaring from almost every site imaginable. Each time you load a page, there they are again! They entreat you to “like this” or “tweet that” or “+1” whatever. It’s gotten almost unbearable over the last couple of years. The sad and...
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The great Huffington Post exodus

February 7, 2011
The Huffington Post

So AOL has decided to pay $315 million dollars for the Huffington Post? Wow. I am in absolute awe of the incredible stupidity of AOL executives. Have these people lost their freaking minds? They are shelling out tons of cash for a site that is essentially a left-wing version of the Drudge Report with...
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The web’s welfare readers

September 27, 2010

There’s a new kind of person visiting web sites these days, I call them the web’s “welfare readers.” These are folks who feel deeply entitled to free content, without any sense of obligation to give anything back to the sites that produce the content they enjoy so much. Who the heck are these welfare...
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The Safari Reader arms race

June 14, 2010
Reading an ebook can be a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Last week I caught a lot of heat for my column about Safari 5's Reader feature. The column seemed to go a bit viral and I got quite a lot of visitors, many of whom were angry. They felt that they were entitled to a quiet reading experience, totally free from web clutter and...
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Safari Reader: Apple’s weapon of mass destruction

June 7, 2010
Safari Reader attacks the ability of publisher's to monetize their content.

Steve Jobs gave his usual keynote address at WWDC today. The iPhone took center stage, as expected. But there was another announcement that web publishers should take note of and should dread: Safari 5. The release of Safari 5 does not bode well for web publishers. Specifically, the inclusion of a feature called “Safari...
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