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The worst rumors about apple in 2012

December 23, 2012

HP has a list of some of the worst rumors about Apple in 2012.

My favorites include the giant 4.6 inch iPhone screen, the perennial Apple television, and the iPad mini. Oh wait, the iPad mini rumor came true…and it’s selling like hotcakes. Doh!


The 4.6 inch iPhone screen reminds me of a friend that just got an iPhone 5. He moved over from Android, so he’s used to much larger screen sizes. He feels strongly that Apple will be left behind if they don’t release an iPhone with a wider, bigger screen.

I’ve tried to explain to him that Apple considers a phone to be something that should be able to be used with one hand. Two should never be required. But he just doesn’t get it. I’ve seen this with a lot of Android users, who can’t seem to grasp the difference between a phone and a phablet.

Apple doesn’t want to make phablets. Samsung certainly does, but Apple doesn’t. Phablets don’t fit into their product plans, particularly with the massive success of the iPad mini. Why settle for a 4.6 inch phablet when you can get a 7.9 inch iPad mini instead?

The Apple TV rumors may yet come true though, but if so they will be proven to have been way ahead of the game. We’ll see in the next year or two. Apple is clearly up to something related to TV, beyond just today’s current Apple TV box.

Anyway, here’s some of the list of the worst Apple rumors of 2012.

The Next iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone will use bigger 4.6-inch display – Apple’s new iPhone actually used a 4.0-inch display.
Rumor source: Reuters/Maeli Business Newspaper, March 2012

Apple’s new iPhone will have 3.5-inch screen – Nope, still 4.0 inches.
Rumor source: iMore, March 2012

New iPhone Prototypes Have NFC and Antenna – The prototypes might’ve, but the final iPhones did not ship with NFC capability.
Rumor source: 9to5Mac, June 2012

The Next iPad

iPad Mini Reportedly Set For October Launch, $200-$250 Price Tag – The price tag, we now know, is $329.
Rumor source: iMore, May 2012

Apple’s ‘iPad mini’ rumored with 7.85″ display for $250-$300 – Closer, though!
Rumor source: MyDrivers.com, July 2012

The Next iPad Will Be Called The iPad HD, Not The iPad 3 – Well, they were right about one thing: The new iPad was not called the iPad 3.
Rumor source: CNET and VentureBeat, simultaneously, the day of the iPad’s unveiling, February 2012

The Next Mac Computer

The Next Version of The iMac Will Be Released In Spring 2012, Have Apple TV Capability – So, the new iMac didn’t arrive until November, and it doesn’t have anything resembling Apple TV capability. I’d say this prediction was misguided.
Rumor source: Brian Blair, Wedge Partners, December 2011

Apple to disrupt notebook space with radically redesigned MacBook Pros - Though 2012′s MacBook Pros did become thinner, the redesigns were not “radical” nor do they “look like MacBook Airs,” as AppleInsider’s source predicted.
Rumor source: AppleInsider, February 2012

Rumor: Apple to launch 15-inch MacBook Air in April, ‘effectively killing the Pro’ – The MacBook Pro lives! And the 15-inch MacBook Air does not!
Rumor source: Electric Pig, March 2012

The Apple Television

Apple And Sharp Ramping Up Production of iTV, Launch By Summer 2012 – Strike 1.
Rumor source: Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company, November 2011

Apple’s iTV To Launch In Q4, According To Report – Strike 2.
Rumor source: Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company, March 2012

Apple Television Will Be Called “iPanel,” Will Ship in Q4 2012 – Strike 3.
Rumor source: Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company, April 2012

Apple Will Unveil The iTV At Its Worldwide Developers Conference In June – Strike 4.
Rumor source: Peter Misek, Jeffereies & Company, June 2012

Other Things People Were Wrong About

Rumor: Apple to hold ‘strange’ event in Feb. ahead of March third-gen iPad launch – It held no such event.
Rumor source: Macotakara, February 2012

The next iPod nano is going to have a camera if these new spyshots are real – They weren’t.
Rumor source: Apple.pro, February 2012


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