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Linux Mint 15 new features

December 31, 2012

The roadmap for Linux Mint 15 is out, and here are some of the new features we’ll see in the next release of Linux Mint.

It looks like there’s some good stuff coming, not that the current release is lacking. Linux Mint 14 is quite good, but there’s always room for improvement.

Cinnamon 1.8

- Desklets
- Ability for cinnamon-settings to browse/install/remove/update themes/applets/extensions/desklets remotely
- Bumpmaps
- Control Center (Cinnamon and GNOME properties within one same settings tool)
- Rethink Cinnamon 2D, fallback to a non-shadow CPU-less intensive session in software rendering mode and/or Muffin/OpenBox (whatever happens, the user should know he’s not running the “real” Cinnamon, he should be told why, and he should find himself with a working WM (even a minimalistic one like OpenBox)).


- Configurable color schemes for themes
- Calendar events – similar to KDE’s implementation
- Upgrade Menu applet with mintMenu features (highlight new apps, install/remove apps, search the Web)


- email notifier (imap/pop)
- Pulse-like RSS reader


- System monitor
- Picture, video, slideshow frame
- Terminal

Nemo 1.8


- Action API (reads desktop files in /usr/share/nemo/launchers. An action is basically a text file which defines a name, an icon, an executable and which file extensions nemo shows the action for when the file is right-clicked. A typical example of this would be a “Edit tags” action which would apply to *.mp3 files.).
- Disk Management (mintdisk integration etc..)
- File preview
- UI improvements (sidebar selection, independent path bar, better looking breadcrumbs etc..)


- Add devices to MoveTo/CopyTo

MDM 1.2
- Add a “border” property to “entry” objects so themes can get borders around text fields
- Write a new renderer which supports animations and interactivity to get on par with unity-greeter in terms of looks

Mint Tools
- UI Improvements for Software Management
- UI Improvements for live-installer

- Screensaver
- Driver Manager
- Add ubiquity features to live-installer (better partitioning, fs support, webcam support, EFI, OEM..etc)
- R&D on “from scratch” package base and investigation on pros and cons of dpkg compared to other packaging systems (multi-version installation, static/dynamic support, snapshots, delta, update reversals etc..)

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One Response to Linux Mint 15 new features

  1. Jim Lynch on December 31, 2012 at 4:07 am

    This is a repost, due to some site problems over the last few days.

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