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Apple’s iPhone Plus

February 2, 2013

I posted a column earlier about a larger iPhone, and Marco Ament has some very interesting speculation about what it might look like.

The theory is easy to understand: perform John Gruber’s Mini-predicting math backwards. The iPad Mini uses iPhone 3GS-density screens at iPad resolution. What if an iPhone Plus used Retina iPad screens with iPhone 5 resolution, keeping the rest of the design sized like an iPhone 5?

Its 640?×?1136, 264 DPI screen would measure 4.94” diagonally..

By keeping the pixel dimensions the same as the iPhone 5, no app changes would be necessary. While the larger screen would hinder one-handed use, two-handed use would actually be easier because the touch targets would all be larger, and UIKit’s standard metrics and controls still work well at that physical size.

I think this makes a lot of sense, actually. The size and resolution fit well into Apple’s product lineup, and would finally give Samsung and other Android manufacturers some competition in the larger screen space.

As I mentioned in my earlier column about this, one of my friends switched recently from iPhone to Android. Why? He wanted a larger screen size, and there was no larger iPhone available to buy. He has large hands, and the regular iPhone just wasn’t comfortable enough for him. The iPhone Plus may bring people like him back to the iPhone.

This is also good news for iPhone carriers like Verizon and ATT. Verizon sells a lot of iPhones, and offers a range of iPhone data plans. Now, Verizon will be able to offer two size options for iPhone users instead of the default smaller size. One size does not fit all when it comes to iPhone data plans, nor does one size fit all when it comes to the size of the iPhone itself.

The sooner Apple releases the larger iPhone, the better for everybody.

What’s your take on this? Tell me in the comments below. 


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