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OS X Mountain Lion Shortcuts


Here are some useful shortcuts for Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion operating system.

Shortcuts for OS X Mountain Lion’s Finder

1. Click the File menu then hold down the Option key to bring back Save As and other options.

2. Tap the trackpad with three fingers to preview any file in Quick Look.

3. Press the Function key twice to use Dictation.

4. Use this keyboard command to open Accessibility Options:


Shortcuts for OS X Mountain Lion Applications

1. Hover your cursor over the file name in the title bar of an application to move files to iCloud or other local storage, rename them, or revert to previously saved versions. This tip works for any of the applications included with OS X Mountain Lion.

2. Zoom to the top of your inbox in Mail by clicking the Sort bar.

3. You can go forward or back in the App Store, Dictionary or iTunes by swiping forward or back with two fingers.

4. Click the Launchpad icon and type the name of the application you want to launch to start it immediately.

5. While using TextEdit, you can pinch to zoom in or pull your fingers apart to zoom out.

For more information, see the original article at the link below.

The Best New Shortcuts in OS X Mountain Lion | Lifehacker


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